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What is Sentris?

Sentris is an ongoing experimental project that explores opportunities to unlock everybody's innate musical creativity through game mechanics and play experiences.

Designed to be both a musical instrument and an immersive puzzle game, Sentris presents the language of music as multiple colorful concentric circles. Given a goal in the form of loose musical structure, players are free to work toward achieving the goal at their own pace. As the puzzles are solved, a unique song emerges based on the player's choices and rhythms.

Sentris was funded on Kickstarter and has been Greenlit for Steam. You can learn more about the project and follow its development at sentrisgame.com

What are these Prototypes?

As an independent game developer, my specialty is exploring ideas rapidly by building prototypes. One of the Kickstarter reward tiers included access to several prototypes. I've decided to make these prototypes available here on itch.io for people who are interested in supporting the game and are curious to see how it changes as it gets closer to completion. These prototypes represent ideas and explorations, and are not a final product. Different aspects of these prototypes may or may not be included in the final game.

Debut Prototype (Summer 2013)

This prototype is the initial build that was developed during summer 2013. It was used during the Kickstarter campaign in October-November 2013. This prototype consists of a single level

How to Play

To play Sentris you drop Sound Blocks of different instruments and pitches into a rotating loop. The goal is to fill all the Targets in the loop with a Sound Block of the matching color. The Targets are the areas in the loop with a thick colored border

  • Spacebar - Drop queued Sound Block
  • W/S or Up/Down - Select Instrument
  • A/D or Left/Right - Navigate Help messages


I'm very excited to share Sentris with you, and I'd love to know what you think! You can always contact me directly by emailing samantha (at) timbreinteractive (dot) com


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